Top 10 reasons of having family tent while traveling

Family tent for traveling

If you are going on a vacation with your family ditch the lavish hotel vacation and back a family tent in your car experience camping this time.

Camping with family is a gift as you would keep contacted to each other and feel the freshness of doing something new will bring out a new you on this trip. Being honest it is the healthier way to enjoy holidays. Sitting in woods in front of the bonfire is much adventurous than watching TV after 6 in resort room. Get more camping ideas at

I will convince you for this camping with these 10 bind bugging reasons:

Staying outdoors is good for health. You will be able to consume a good level of Vitamin D. In the office or in schools your family doesn’t get enough exposure to the sun. Vitamin D has all of the health benefits like bone and muscles strengthen, lean body mass, decrease your skin problems.

Burn More Calories

You will be able to buy burn 300 Cal per hour which more than you do in 1 hour gym. even if you have moderately active camping trip plan calorie would be burned. Rowing, hiking, backpacking, walking all these activities can be included in your trip. Playing with your beautiful kids will also burn calories.

Memories are created on this trip with you Family

Coming out of your comfort zone doing something entirely new may seem stressful in planning but executing is fun, it may seem disastrous but even trip like that with your family will be remembered all your life. You may find some crazy family on the trip too. But they almost gave you a catchphrase or a nostalgic clause for the rest of your life. You will go like “remember that family we meet…..”


traveling tent


Learn new things

Activities like Fishing, swimming, kayaks can keep you busy all day with your kids running around.

Relaxing your eyes

Believe it or not our eyes are becoming screen-addicted so going outdoor gives us break from all the screens phones, laptops, leads. It good to sit in woods boost our eyesight. It’s really a thing a kid that plays for 2 hours outside daily have less risk of having nearsightedness in future.

Gadget-free time

I am sure we all have a habit of checking your phones 1st thing in the morning and last thing before sleeping in bed, so if it camping to make you realize that all what you check daily doesn’t matter then go for it.

Economical Vacation

Camping is very cheap if compared to fancy vacation. They have very fewer fees for everything.

Rekindle your relationships

Good food as you would try something new and you would have a lot so many calories food will be tasty. Sitting near the bonfire in front of so many people, you will meet new people and make new friends. When kids are boosting their sleep cycle, you and your partner can take your relationship to heights talking in peace and new environment alone. Sitting on the side of the lake, watching your reflection, Romantic isn’t! Now come and plan a trip.